Traid Infrastructure
Traid Infrastructure

Pump Station 84 New Force Main

Pump Station 84 Force Main
Charleston Water System
Charleston, South Carolina

The Charleston Water System is the owner of not only the water system but also the sanitary sewer system for a large part of the Charleston region. The Daniel Island/Clements Ferry area has been rapidly growing requiring an upgrading of the sewer system.

The PS 84 Force Main is part of a sewer lift station and pipe discharge upsizing required to handle additional flows. The project consisted of approximately 7,600 lineal feet of 20” ductile iron and PVC force main and three jack and bores in 36 inch casing from 60 to 140 feet in length. The force main was installation was in the pristine Daniel Island area of Charleston passing under and by high profile residential and major streets, Bishop England High School, and the local park system.

     The jacking and receiving pits of the bores all required dewatering. However, the bores themselves were under critical roads that could not be disturbed. Triad engineers devised a bore technique to successfully pass under the streets without disturbance, settlements and still manage the wet boring conditions with face stability.

     The project also had a very tight schedule in the High School zone as well as several challenging unforeseen conditions that were encountered. Triad was able to engineer quick solutions in cooperation with CWS to keep the project moving and remain on schedule in the critical zones. 

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