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Doan Valley Relief &
Consolidation Sewer
Cleveland, Ohio

Doan Valley Relief & Consolidation Sewer

Cleveland, Ohio

Client:  City of Cleveland, Ohio
Owner: Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District
Value:  $13,524,335
Scope: Doan Valley Relief and Consolidation Sewer
Notice to Proceed: July, 2018
Date of Completion: August, 2020

Job specifics:
3,137 LF of 72” sewer by trenchless methods:
1,776 lf excavated by two pass methods using a Lovat 112” fully shielded TBM.
This tunnel transitioned from shale bedrock to glacial till.
248 lf excavated by two pass methods using a 10’ diameter spider TBM.
1,130 lf excavated by microtunneling including jacking pipe through two curves.
Microtunneling was successfully performed by our subcontractor, Super Excavators.
Hand excavated tunnel(30 ft) between Chamber 2 and DV25.
1,475 lf of 48” open cut sewer installed by our subcontractor Fabrizi Recycling.

Five shafts excavated: Chamber 1 excavated to 24’ diameter using the vertical boring machine.
Chamber S1 excavated to 24’ diameter in glacial till and silt by Super Excavators.
Chamber 2 excavated in soft silts, sands and clays requiring dewatering.
Chambers DV24 and DV25 excavated to 24’ diameter in silts, sands and clay requiring Dewatering.

This project was completed in July, 2020. Tunnels, microtunnel and shafts were completed ahead of schedule. Scheduling conflicts with the open cut due to City of Cleveland regulations delayed the open cut installations. In addition, there were unforeseen obstructions and conditions caused by the existing sewer system that added work for the live connections. This was successfully solved by the teamwork of the NEORSD, AECOM (designer) and Triad.