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London Road Relief Sewer
Cleveland, Ohio

London Road Relief Sewer

Cleveland, Ohio

Client:  City of Cleveland, Ohio
Owner: Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District
Value:  $35,179,218.00
Notice to Proceed: July, 2018
Date of Completion: May, 2021

Triad was the managing partner of the continued Triad McNally JV(JV partnership with C&M McNally, Toronto, CA). Triad contributed all of the management engineering, work force and nearly all of the equipment. C&M McNally provided one of the TBMs, locomotives and contributed to the engineering staff. Triad has continued its long successful working relationship with C&M McNally since the mid -1990s.

Job specifics: 6,570 LF of 112” tunnel excavation using C&M McNally’s Lovat closed door fully shielded TBM.
100 ft of interconnecting tunnel using Triad’s 120” Spider TBM.
4,970 lf of 84” tunnel excavation using Triad’s 84” Lovat closed door fully shielded TBM.
Six shafts excavated from 40-60 feet deep ranging in diameter from 20-28’. Three shafts were drilled with Triad’s Vertical Boring Machine. All were started with liner plates and ribs.
8 diversion structures
Multiple junctions and manhole connections
Modifications to six regulators
870 lf of new sewers ranging in size from 12 inch to 72-inch diameter installed by open cut methods.

Tunnel final lining was 72”, 66” and 48” RCP plus 42” Hobas. All pipe was placed by Triad’s pipe setter and blocked. The lining was then grouted in place. Open cut sewers were installed by our subcontractor, Fabrizi Recycling. Concrete structures were installed by our subcontractor, Ohio Northstar, Inc.

Several shored regulator excavations by liner plates or posts and lagging plus deep open cut sewer work were performed by Triad work forces. Almost all of these were within City Streets and busy intersections requiring extensive traffic control and coordination.

The tunneling and shafts were completed on schedule. The connecting sewers, regulator excavations, junction chambers required some collaboration and changes due to unforeseen conditions. The NEORSD, Mott MacDonald (the engineering consultant) and Triad McNally successfully cooperated to solve all of the issues.