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CMOM 15,
Mt. Pleasant, SC


Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

Client:  Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
Consulting Engineer:  Frazier Engineering
Contract Amount:  $6,342,022.00

Scope: Replacing numerous 8” to 12” sewers within the Old Village Area from manhole to
manhole, approximately 10,850 feet of sewer. Performing other miscellaneous sewer replacements, point repairs, service replacements and manhole rehabilitation located in multiple locations within MPW’s service area. Providing traffic control, bypass pumping flows during the work, dewatering, performing all restoration including grass and sod, pavement and concrete (sidewalks, curb and gutter and driveways)

Summary: High profile sewer replacement project in the Old Village section of Mt. Pleasant, SC. Sewer replacement of more than 11,000 lf of sewers, numerous manholes, point repairs, service replacements and manhole rehabilitation in multiple locations. In addition, several added items of work for various sewers within the service area. Project involved extensive dewatering , work on tight streets, traffic control, bypass pumping, all restoration including landscaping and pavement. The project also involved multiple areas requiring problem solving due to unforeseen conditions encountered.