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Upgrade Pump Station 3
Charleston, SC

Upgrade Pump Station 3

Charleston, South Carolina

Client:  Mount Pleasant Waterworks
Consulting Engineer:  G. Robert George & Associates
Contract Amount:  $890,797.00

Summary: Complete replacement of pump station and controls. Temporary power and pump station installation and operation during new pump station construction. New pump station included pumps, piping, odor control, coatings, water supply, electrical controls, platforms, lighting, new instrumentation, concrete work, surface restoration.

Scope: Coordination and ancillary work with SCE&G for temporary by-pass pumping power; Demolition and removal of existing pump station top slab; Remove existing station pumps, pipings, plug and check valves; Construct new top slab on existing wet well and ancillary slabs-on-grade for above grade station and discharge force main piping; Furnish and install new by-pass suction manhole; Install Owner supplied triplex submersible pumps, discharge elbows, ball check valves, rail guard brackets, flood proof hatches, main pump control panel; Furnish and install 400 Amp electrical service, 400 Amp manual transfer switch, PLC control panel, SCADA/ETU equipment; Furnish and install all designated air handling piping, wiring, conduit, water supply piping, and owner supplied odor control equipment; Furnish and install all conduit, wiring, materials, labor and ancillary appurtenances to install all other owner supplied equipment.

Furnish and install interior pipe and coatings, plug valves, electrical power, auxiliary control wiring, conduits, ancillary electrical level controls, and electrical service panels; Furnish all labor and materials to construct aluminum elevated electrical equipment platform including footings, railing and access stairway, and all conduits, wiring, and piping beneath and penetrating the elevated platform; Furnish and install all primary electrical service conduit and wiring from SCE&G transformer point-of-service to new electrical equipment; Furnish and install all ancillary hardware, electrical work, piping, water service piping, RP back-flow preventer, water service line installation and appurtenances, ancillary utilities, exterior above grade painting; As-Built verification of existing underground utilities within the construction limits; Site restoration including site lighting, pavement, special color-slatted perimeter fencing, gates and entry driveway; Temporary by-pass pumping; temporary erosion control measures, and miscellaneous sitework, landscaping and appurtenances.